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Although most people pay meticulous attention to the installation of metal racks, shelves and cabinets while designing a warehouse space or a garage, the flooring is often overlooked. Generally, a lot of time is spent in deciding the flooring for residential or commercial spaces, but when it comes to garage flooring, we select whatever the retailer sells us. However, the garage floor is one of the most important elements in garage construction. If you are looking for garage floors in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley, Reitano Concrete Ltd can provide you with durable and long-lasting garage flooring solutions.


Depending upon the kind of operations you plan on carrying out in your garage, it needs enduring and long-term flooring solutions. Durable flooring ensures a permanent and efficient storage solution. Based on your specific needs and the kind of operations you wish to carry out in your garage, you can choose between:


  • Floor coating

  • Polyaspartic and epoxy 

  • Modular interlocking floor tiles

The worker applies gray epoxy resin to the new floor


Epoxy floor coatings are the perfect flooring solutions for sizable industrial or institutional premises. When applied atop concrete, these floors can provide you with high performance, durability and efficiency. Some features of epoxy floors are as follows:


  • Perfect for standing heavy loads and can easily last up to 15 years.

  • Epoxy floor coating is a lot like Polyaspartic flooring.

  • Applied to the concrete floor directly.

  • Requires a longer installation time as compared to Polyaspartic floor coating.

  • Though less resistant to regular wear and tear, on the upside, it is a lot cheaper as well.

  • Ideal for factories and warehouse facilities.

  • Help in maintaining hygienic and safe conditions for workmen and equipment.

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Though concrete is a durable choice for outdoor flooring, pavements and curbs, it may not be the best choice for your garage. Concrete flooring is extremely susceptible to the depredations caused by factors such as heat, water and bacteria. In contrast, Polyguard Polyaspartic garage floors appear a lot like granite flooring and are equally resistant. Some features of Polyguard Polyaspartic floors are as follows:


  • Relatively stronger against climatic elements.

  • Require minimal care and upkeep ensuring smooth and glitch-free operations for the long haul.

  • Tiles add to the aesthetic appeal of your premise.

  • Does not look gritty and spiritless like concrete flooring.

  • Easy to be manoeuvred upon and skid-free.


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Modular Interlocking floor tiles are a highly efficient but less permanent solution for your garage flooring needs. With these tiles, you can instantly transform your garage floor and give it the strength that it needs for heavy-duty industrial and storage operations. Some features of interlocking garage floor tiles are as follows:


  • Support heavy-duty operations with relatively little care or maintenance.

  • Attractive and practical design also immediately lends a new look to your premise.

  • Interlocking grid design facilitates the passage of air and water.

  • Tiles are lightweight yet robust and rigid, which makes them ideal for aggravated industrial operations.

  • Perfect solutions to cover the chips and cracks in your existing concrete floor.

  • Easy and straightforward installation process.

Read our blog to know more about the ideal flooring tiles for your premise.

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Over the years, the team at Reitano Concrete Ltd has acquired substantial expertise in laying garage floors in all types of premises. With our expertise, we can help you select the best flooring for your facility. The team at Reitano Concrete Ltd can provide you with the required garage floors by carrying out a comprehensive assessment of your space. Based on your requirements of aesthetics, type of activity and budget, we can provide you with cost-effective and long-lasting garage floors.

To know more about the types of premises Reitano Concrete Ltd is adept at installing flooring in, reach out to us in Ottawa.

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We only use the highest quality products that have been time tested and are efficient in every way.

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