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Are you looking to install a one-of-a-kind patio, pool deck or walkway? Reitano Concrete Ltd provides interlocking pavers in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley that can give your property a distinctive appearance while adding value in the process. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and patterns, your options are virtually limitless. Whatever design or colour scheme you prefer, our dedicated professionals can bring your dreams to life. We are pleased to serve both residential and commercial clients. If you are ready to transform the exterior landscaping of your property, contact us to book a consultation.

Hands of worker installing concrete paver blocks with rubber hammer


With a seemingly endless number of options available, interlocking pavers have become a popular choice for homeowners and business owners. They allow you to create a landscape that reflects your personality while complementing the architectural features and colours found within the existing structures of your property.


You are welcome to browse through our blog posts for more information about interlocking pavers for your outdoor patio.


Interlocking pavers have a wide range of benefits, including:


  • Available in an endless array of colours, styles and patterns

  • Customize and create your own unique design

  • Highly durable as pavers typically will not crack, flake or chip

  • If one stone is damaged, it can be easily replaced

  • The low-maintenance option that wears well and is easy to clean

  • They can be used to create aesthetic designs and visually stunning surfaces

  • Increases the value of your property


Interlocking stone pavers are versatile and work well whether you are going for an old-world charm and aesthetic or a more modern and contemporary design. While the initial investment will be more than asphalt or concrete, it may be more affordable in the long run with free repairs and costs on upkeep and maintenance requirements. Please give us a call if you’d like to discuss any specific concerns with our experts in Ottawa. We can also provide a free quote on your project.


There are a few key factors that have to be considered when choosing the right paver for your residential or commercial space. Pavers are a long-term investment that can enhance the landscape and value of your property. When choosing the right interlocking paver for you and your property in Ottawa, consider the following factors:


  • Location: A very important factor in deciding the right type of paver for your property is the location where you would like it installed on your property. There are different types of pavers that suit certain areas. Depending on whether it is the backyard or pool deck we can help suggest the best way forward.

  • Budget: The price for different interlocking pavers varies on the basis of their quality, design, size etc. A defined budget will help you narrow down the number of choices available and get you the best look you can afford.

  • Design: Another important factor is the type of design you are going for. Customers usually pick from modern, fancy, simple or traditional designs and add unique elements that reflect their personality. We will be by your side as you sift through various designs and help you select the best one for your landscape and property.

  • Colour: After selecting the design for the paver, we can help you through the decision of choosing the colour. It is advised to go for a landscaping colour that matches the exterior of your property. We understand that this can both be an easy and a difficult process at the same time, given the choices in colours. Therefore, we are here and happy to help guide you to the best options.


Interlocking pavers are a durable and low-maintenance landscaping solution. However, proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure they retain their beauty and functionality for years to come. Here are some key steps to follow for maintaining your interlocking paver patio or walkway in Ottawa:

  • Sweeping:  Regularly sweep away leaves, debris, and dirt to prevent them from accumulating between the pavers. This will help prevent the growth of weeds and maintain a clean appearance.

  • Edging:  Over time, the edges of your interlocking paver installation may shift due to settling or freeze-thaw cycles. Maintain crisp edges by periodically pushing them back into place using a rubber mallet and edging tool.

  • Weed Control:  While interlocking pavers hinder weed growth,  occasional weeds may emerge  through the gaps between the pavers.  Apply a natural or  herbicide specifically designed for paver applications to control weeds effectively.

  • Sanding:  Over time,  the polymeric sand that fills the gaps between the pavers may erode or wash away. Reapply polymeric sand to maintain a level surface and prevent pavers from shifting or becoming loose.

  • Sealing:  While not always necessary,  applying a sealer to your interlocking pavers can enhance their color, resist stains, and protect them from the elements. Consult a professional to determine if sealing is recommended for your specific pavers and climate.

  • Winter Maintenance:  During winter, avoid using salt to de-ice your interlocking paver surfaces. Salt can damage the pavers by causing efflorescence (a white, crystalline residue) to appear.

Pattern of gray sidewalk tiles


When it comes to concrete and interlocking pavers in Ottawa, our talented staff has the experience and skills to complete your project successfully. If you are looking to install a dynamic new patio or walkway, get in touch with us to get started on your landscape project today. We are happy to discuss the products available and look forward to hearing the customizations you have for your project. If you need pavers in a specific style such as contemporary, traditional, Mediterranean or Spanish, our professionals at Reitano Concrete Ltd will bring your vision to life with durable, long-lasting products. We also offer a range of other services for residential and commercial clients to satisfy all their indoor and outdoor flooring needs.

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