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Victorian house chimney stacks


Need prompt and expert services on your parging chimney requirements? Reitano Concrete Ltd provides parging services in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley to existing and brand new homes. Did you know that parging can protect your home’s foundations? As a coating applied to the visible part of foundations, cement parging will serve as a barrier against the outdoor elements. It will also cover minor imperfections of your foundations.

If you need parging for your chimney, Ottawa’s Reitano Concrete Ltd will protect the integrity of your structure and keep it looking its best. Give us a call to book a service.

Antique brick wall under damaged plaster


Parging is the process of applying a masonry-based mortar to the interior or exterior walls made of block, brick or stone. In some cases, parging is done to simply give a finished look to the structure. For example, concrete blocks and poured concrete walls often have a rough texture and may need parging to provide a smoother appearance. In other cases, this method is used to protect a building and keep mortar from failing. While parging is not a waterproofing agent, it can help keep water out of your house or business. This process is an economical solution with a number of benefits. If done incorrectly, parging can actually trap water between the exterior and the parge coat, making it important to book an experienced contractor.


The parging process is as follows:


  • First, the area to be covered is thoroughly cleaned. Loose mortar, soot or any other dirt is scrubbed off using detergent. This is done to ensure that parging sticks well to the chimney.

  • The walls are rinsed and deeply eroded bricks are chiselled and replaced. This is done to ensure that you don’t face problems in the future.

  • The walls are kept moist while applying a thick layer of mortar. It is crucial to be vigilant at this stage because if the mortar is not applied properly on the damp walls and kept moist throughout the process, the mortar mix will spread unevenly and likely break.

  • The wall needs to dry for a day before the second coat is applied, which not be more than 3/8-inch thick. Skip the second coat if you are satisfied with the wall after only one coat.

Keep in mind that a chimney needs constant upkeep. If you are observing a lot of debris around the fireplace, it’s time to call us. Along with our parging services, we are also proud to offer floor finishing, concrete repairs and interlocking services. Our aim is to make sure that your property remains in the best possible shape. You can contact Reitano Concrete Ltd to know more about them.

Closeup hand of worker plastering cement at wall for building house


Keep your structure sound by requesting parging services in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley from the experienced team at Reitano Concrete Ltd. Our family business believes in an honest, up-front approach and will give you a detailed estimate of the job. Contact us today to keep your property protected!

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