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How Can You Save Your Project Both Time and Money by Renting a Stone Slinger?


Gone are the days of having to break your back moving aggregates by hand. If you want to make your work more efficient and better quality, then consider renting a stone slinger. Looking into a stone slinger rental? Make your project more successful, cut time, and save money by renting a stone slinger for your next job site.


What Is a Stone Slinger?

A stone slinger attaches to a truck and is used to spread construction materials. Unlike the average dump truck, a stone slinger can place the material into a precise location. That includes areas that a dump truck can reach or get to. Stone slingers use a conveyor belt to carry the materials from the bed of a stone slinger truck out to a specific spot. Meaning you won't have to spend countless man-hours spreading the material from where a dump truck left it. You can even control the speed of the stone slinger's conveyor belt system using a radio remote control. This allows you to move the direction and distance that the material is thrown from the truck.


Who Needs a Stone Slinger Rental?

At Reitano Concrete Ltd, we find a variety of projects that benefit from the use of a stone slinger. This includes residential and commercial projects where heavy amounts of soil, gravel, sand, rock, or mulch are being delivered.  A stone slinger can help you to transport these materials quickly from location to location.


Another reason someone might need a stone slinger is if the materials are needed in a hard to reach places. This could be a steep slope, around foundations, over fences, or other areas that a large vehicle can't go. The conveyor on a stone slinger can place materials with precision up to 90 feet away! Stone slingers can also be rented to remove material from a location. The stone slinger trucks are durable and the speed of the conveyor belt keeps the delivery of the materials nice and even.


Is a Stone Slinger Right for You?

The stone slinger can not only hand material like sand or aggregates, it also can handle bark mulch, pea gravel, topsoil, crushed rocks, and much more! That makes this tool highly versatile when it comes to Reitano Concrete Ltd construction projects. Whether your project consists of landscaping, foundation backfills, recreational grounds, stadiums, or pipe bedding, the list of suitable projects for a stone slinger goes on and on.


If you have a substantial amount of material then a wheelbarrow or dump truck isn't going to cut it. A stone slinger rental from Reitano Concrete Ltd will save you money by cutting project time in half. It also decreases the amount of manual labor needed which your wallet will thank you for. Don't risk having your yard or lawn torn up by a massive truck, rent a stone slinger to do the work quickly and easily for you.


Renting a Stone Slinger

Now that you know the many benefits of a stone slinger rental, you may be wondering how to get started on your home improvement projects. Whether it's floor finishing or foundation repair, we will handle your project with expert precision and care. Don't trust your home construction with anyone but the best. Check out our long list of concrete projects that can improve your home on our website here.

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