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Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to think about your renovation projects. Whether you own a business or a family home, you should consider interlocking stones to bring a unique look to your property. Whereas regular paving stones tend to be rectangular and repetitive, interlocking stones fit together in more complex ways, producing more interesting and intricate patterns. Paved areas don’t have to be simple, utilitarian features in your yard. When they’re done right, they can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Patios, pool areas, driveways and walkways are all great areas to place interlocking stones.

At Reitano Concrete Ltd, we like to suggest options that you might not have considered for your renovation projects. Here are just a few reasons to keep interlocking stones in mind for your patio or other paved area in Ottawa.

  • Limitless Variety. While there’s a simple beauty to regular, geometric paving stones, interlocking paving stones are a great way to add a unique touch to your yard. They come in a variety of stone types and colours. The possible combinations are nearly endless. What’s more, we can lay the stones in almost any pattern that you’d like.

  • Durability. What’s great about interlocking stones is that you get the aesthetic appeal of a patterned surface, but still retain the toughness and long-lasting quality that comes with using stone. When properly maintained, interlocking stones can weather many years of extreme Ottawa weather.

  • Easily Repaired. Even if a surface that has interlocking stones does get damaged somehow, it can easily be fixed due to the fact that its made of modular units. This means that rather than having to replace a whole section of your patio or walkway, we can simply produce more of your unique stone and replace only as many units as is necessary to make the repair.

  • Raise Your Property’s Value. When you improve your property with interlocking stones, you won’t just be making it better for you and your loved ones, you’ll also make it more attractive in the always competitive Ottawa housing market. When potential buyers see that your property has a feature they can’t find elsewhere, they’ll understand the value that you’ve added to the property.

If you’d like to learn more about how easy it is to improve your property with interlocking stones, contact us at Reitano Concrete Ltd in Ottawa. We’re committed to helping you get the patio of your dreams.


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