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Cracks on a concrete wall

No homeowner wants to find out that their foundation needs repair. It's one of the biggest home projects out there. Luckily, there is a solution to your foundation damage with the right preparation. If you want to know what to expect when you begin your foundation repair project then you've come to the right place. Here are the factors to consider before foundation work begins.


Before any work, a home assessment is done by a professional foundation consultant like Reitano Concrete Ltd. At this point, your consultant is creating a visual map of your home. They want to see where the damage is so they can find the root of the problem. By looking at the cracks and other damage, an expert is able to see where the main issues are in your foundation. They use this information to provide an even more detailed assessment through precise measurements.


Using the information Reitano Concrete Ltd gathers from an assessment we create a visual inspection map along with a diagram of elevation. This addresses inconsistencies in your home. We compare these factors to the upper part of your home. We even take into account any roofing problems and make note of humidity changes. All of these things can cause cracking issues to your foundation.


After a thorough assessment, experts at Reitano Concrete Ltd are able to find the cause of the foundation damage. They use the scientific data that they collected to calculate why your foundation is damaged. It's important that your consultant evaluate all areas of your home. Many factors such as roof damage, humidity, a dry season, or watering changes, can create further foundation problems.


Your consultant might ask you some routine questions during their evaluation to get a general idea of the situation. They will most likely ask you where you see the most damage. Another question could be if it has rained a lot this season or if there was a drought. Also, look for any signs of erosion in corners that you can share with them. Share any plumbing damages with your consultant. Their goal is to figure out why the slab or foundation is moving so they can resolve the problem completely.


If your foundation does have damage, and your Reitano Concrete Ltd consultant agrees, they must determine how much. Our goal is to figure out how many piers you need, based on where your home's concrete beams are. A pier is a large cylinder that they drive into the ground and supports your foundation. They bury them every six to eight feet, near the foundation. They are inserted around the perimeter beams. Using their assessment, a foundation consultant can judge how many piers are needed to level your home's foundation. They base this on two things: the current level of the foundation and its stability. The expert's plan should address both these factors and come up with a resolution accordingly. The end goal is not only to level your foundation but to make sure it stays that way.


In addition to the assessment of the foundation itself, most foundation repair work also requires a permit from your town or city. In order to apply you need documents such as engineering plans, the building's certificate of location, and a detailed proposal. Your foundation repair cannot be scheduled until Reitano Concrete Ltd completes the permit and engineering plans. Depending on your specific circumstances, a foundation repair can take one to six months to start.


Now that you know the process for planning foundation repairs, you may be wondering if your home's foundation needs a repair. You can't trust your foundation's repair to just anyone.

If you want a foundation that you can rely on to last then only the best experts in the field will do. Contact Reitano Concrete Ltd today to begin your foundation repair project today.


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