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Cracks on asphalt

Did you know that concrete is second to water as the most consumed material around the world? In construction, concrete is used twice as much as all other building materials combined. Chances are, your home uses concrete in some way whether it be for your driveway, basement, or both. Although this material is durable and lasts long, damages can occur. If you notice a problem with your concrete, it's best to call concrete contractors in Ottawa for help. Read on to learn about the signs you need concrete repairs.


You should consider hiring concrete contractors in Ottawa if you notice active cracking in a slab. This signals that the soil underneath might be structurally unstable. The issue will continue to get worse unless fixed. When you avoid calling a concrete repair service, moisture can get into the soil through the cracks causing the composition to become less stable. In extreme temperatures, the soil expands and contracts to create space under a slab. If you are dealing with cracks in your basement flooring and walls, the cause could be underlying foundation issues.


Any great concrete driveway repair company will tell you that a concrete slab without the right support will sink. Slabs that aren't correctly leveled can lead to hazardous situations. You are more likely to fall on a sunken and uneven concrete surface. You could be held liable if someone else falls on your property due to a sunken slab. If you have a good picture of how your concrete looked in its original form, you'll be able to notice changes right away. Poor installation methods can lead to an uneven appearance so always hire reputable driveway pavers in Ottawa.


When it rains or snows in your area, the water should drain off of your concrete slab naturally. If you are left with standing water after a storm, you'll need concrete surface repair. If your concrete was treated with waterproofing materials, understand that the efficiency can fade over time. Professionals who know how to repair concrete will explain that pooling water can compromise the surface of your concrete making it wear quicker. If the problem goes unfixed, cracks will form causing an entirely new issue with your concrete.


A more than obvious sign of concrete decay is aging. An aging concrete driveway can cause problems including a decrease in your home's value. Depending on how professionally built your concrete driveway is, it'll last anywhere between 25 to 50 years. However, cracks, sunken surfaces, and pooling water can age your concrete much faster.


If you have any of these issues with your concrete, it's time to hire concrete contractors in Ottawa. Although some of these instances might seem minor, avoiding them can cause serious problems down the line. Knowing these signs will benefit you as a homeowner. At Reitano Concrete Ltd, we pay special attention to your concrete foundations. Contact us today to inspect your concrete for repair needs and more.


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