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Why Does Your Project Need a Stone Slinger?

Construction project

Construction projects can be complex and often hit setbacks that cause delays and go overbudget. One of the most common problems is the inability to place much-needed materials in a precise location. If you’ve run into these problems, then you need a stone slinger rental from Reitano Concrete Ltd. A stone slinger may sound like something people use to knock down castles during a Medieval battle; it’s a useful tool for delivering materials to locations that are difficult for other machines such as dump trucks. We created this guide to help you understand what a stone slinger is and how you can use it for your commercial and residential projects.


How Does a Stone Slinger Work?

People often need materials such as gravels, sand, soil, mulch, and rock delivered to specific places such as securing fencing, etc. You could do it by hand, but that’s intensive labor that could injure your workers, and it takes time. A stone slinger saves you time and lets your workers do other things. A dump truck is great for dumping into a pile, but not ideal for precision work. A stone slinger uses a speed-controlled conveyer belt to throw the materials into a specific area.


If you have an area that a dump truck is unable to reach, the stone slinger can send the materials up to 100-feet away and over a one-story house. Slingers are used in many commercial and residential projects because of their ease of use.


When to Use A Stone Slinger

The ideal time to use a stone slinger is when you need to put a specific amount of material in a hard to reach or precise location. For example, stone slingers are used on downhill slopes, inside and outside of foundations, parking lots, and many other projects, including septic tank backfills. Stone slingers are high speed, so they are more efficient than dump trucks. Their far reach makes them ideal for any areas too small for larger machinery. Many companies use them to reduce their labor costs since there is no need for manual labor, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc.


Stone Slinger Rental Saves You Money

Reitano Concrete Ltd. is your place stone slinger rental. Many projects don’t require the use of a stone slinger, so there is no reason to purchase a slinger outright. Many times, you can use a stone slinger for small jobs and rent it for a day or two. The cost of a stone slinger is often too much for the times a business will use it, so renting is the best option. If you’ve asked, “Where can I find a stone slinger rental near me,” then look no further. We have a stone slinger that perfect for your needs.


Rent Your Stone Slinger Today

If you’re business needs materials placed in a specific area, then consider renting a stone slinger. It makes jobs faster, easier, and less expensive. Reitano Concrete Ltd. has stone slinger for rent, so give us a call and check out what we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

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