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Stone Slinger Rental Services in Ottawa

Reitano Concrete Ltd has been a reliable name in Ottawa for an expansive range of concrete and finishing solutions like formworks, floor finishing, concrete repairs, interlocking and many other services. Another service we provide with complete professionalism and efficiency is stone slinging. Contractors trust Reitano Concrete Ltd for its services in Ottawa and its surrounding areas as it is always available with a large fleet of stone slingers to meet the requirements of your construction schedule. Our stone slingers ensure that your products get delivered to the spot where you need them. Ideal for all types of projects- new constructions, pool or landscaping, irrespective of the load, we stand by our aim to deliver our stone slinging services to you without any hassles. Contact us now to hire our services or to inquire about our stone slinger rentals.

What Is a Stone Slinger?

A stone slinger is a useful construction tool used on trucks to deliver and spread out different types of construction materials like gravel, rock, soil, sand, and mulch. A stone slinger will dump all the construction materials you require at your site of construction. Stone slinging services are delivered with precision and prove incredibly convenient for areas that are inaccessible or difficult to reach. A stone slinger truck utilizes a hopper and conveyor belt to deliver construction materials from the delivery truck’s bed. This helps in the accurate launching of streams of materials like soil at high speed from a hopper body into the site for higher efficiency with minimum wastage of materials.

The functionality of a stone slinger is dependent on a radio-remote-controlled variable-speed conveyor belt system. This system rotates in all possible directions to dodge, spread, or throw materials as far as 100 feet away from the truck to your site of construction. Stone slingers even sling up as high as a single storey property to deliver construction materials.

How Does a Stone Slinger Help Your Construction Project?

Stone slingers are generally used for construction projects requiring thorough precision and placement of soil and other materials in site areas that are inaccessible for dump trucks and other construction machinery. A stone slinger is a high-tech piece of machinery worst often used in sites where a high level of accuracy is needed, such as creating recreation centres, golf courses, and ballparks. Stone slingers also deliver their services for formwork, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, pool backfill, septic tank backfill, french drain backfill, weeping tile backfill and even landscaping.

Contractors hire stone slingers for a large variety of residential and commercial projects that require the movement of large and heavy loads of construction materials and soil from one site to another in time with efficiency. If your project needs the precision and placement of construction materials, get in touch with us - we offer cost-effective stone slinger rental in Ottawa and its surrounding areas.

Benefits of Stone Slinger Services

Here are some of the benefits that stone slingers bring with their use:

  • It reaches the most remote and inaccessible construction sites.

  • It works with efficiency for all types of loads, sites and construction projects.

  • It offers quick and precise placement due to the use of a hopper and conveyor belt for functionality.

  • It is a cost-effective solution as it reduces the cost of manual labour, tools and extra working hours.

  • It results in lesser wastage of construction materials due to its precise placement and depth.

  • It saves extra working hours for cleanup as it causes nearly no damage to your yard or property by staying on the road and maintaining its functionality.

Why Choose Us?

Reitano Concrete Ltd has been serving contractors in Ottawa with its dependable fleet of stone slingers for delivering various construction materials to remote construction sites. With our years of experience, we aim to provide reliable and efficient stone slinging rentals and services for construction in Ottawa and its surrounding areas. We have built long-term customer relationships that are founded on our timely, professional and efficient stone slinging services.

Call us now to know more about our stone slinging service or to book a stone slinger rental for your next project.

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