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Different Types of Garage Floors, and How to Make a Choice?

garage floors

Did you know that the Parking and Garages Industry in Canada amounts to $473.4 million in 2022? This amount is only for public parking spaces, excluding those we spend on our garage. If you want an upgrade to your garage floor, learning the estimated price helps you save money for it. Renovation could be expensive, but you should get the best place for your vehicles. To get the best, you shouldn't ignore the importance of garage floors. Before you save for renovation, what material should you use for the flooring? There are the different types of garage floors Ottawa sells. Read what we have below and learn how to get the best garage floor for you.


All Around Concrete Flooring


One variety of garage floors Ottawa sells is concrete flooring. It's an all-purpose coating that's easy to use, apply, and the least expensive. Using a concrete coat is simple and doesn't need special tools or tricks. For the best results, apply oil-based paint before the coating for the glossy finish. With garage floor upgrades, this coat is the best for your garage. A disadvantage of concrete coating is that it's weak to chemicals and road salts. Consider re-applying the coat every two years.


Epoxy Flooring for Smart Options


Are you looking for a durable and long-lasting floor coating? If you are, then epoxy flooring is the best option. You can use it on any flooring material and guarantee an increase in its performance. Before applying an epoxy coat, ensure that your flooring is not wet. When mixed with water, it extends the time to cure the epoxy and destroy the coating.


Tiles or Mats Flooring for DIY Option


If your focus is style and aesthetics, use floor mats or tiles on your garage flooring. You can enjoy the variety of materials, and you have the option to install it the way you want to. Tiles expand and contract less during extreme weather. This factor is what makes it easy to clean. It also protects your floor from slippery situations and mould infestation. Choose floor mats if you want easy maintenance and cover the garage floor in one roll. Roll-out mats come in many styles to match your garage floors. You can install and remove it anytime, making it easy to clean and maintain.


Vinyl Flooring for Easy Cleaning


Do you think your garage floor gets heavy traffic or heavy car pressure? If you do, the best option is to use vinyl flooring. Vinyl enhances the aesthetic of your garage floor while staying easy to clean. It can work with many cleaning agents, making it easy to maintain.


Durable Stone Flooring


For durable and natural flooring, the best choice is to use stone as the material. You can add patterns and colours to boost its aesthetic. However, stone flooring is easy to break and is hard to maintain. Depending on the weather conditions, it chips away and grows moulds. Once it loses its durability, renovating your garage floor can cost you more.


Get the Best Garage Floors Ottawa Sells Today!


We want the best fit for our home, and the best garage floor makes the house stand secure. Use this guide and know your garage flooring options today! Are you looking for the best garage floors Ottawa has available? Contact us and get the services fit for you today!

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