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The Importance of Proper Concrete Sealing and Maintenance

With the cost of flood damages in Ottawa increasing three times by 2030, it is essential to make sure your home is prepared. If you are wondering what you can do to make your home's foundation, flooring, patio, and sidewalks stronger, then consider enforcing your concrete with a sealant. Read on about why concrete sealing and maintenance in Ottawa is so important.

Keeps Water and Moisture Out

While concrete is known to be durable and versatile, it is also known to absorb moisture. The best way to combat water getting inside your floor is to use a concrete sealing topcoat.

Protect Concrete From Damage

By using a concrete sealant, you will prevent your concrete from internal damage that eventually shows on the surface. Most damage is caused by water entering the concrete. When winter comes, the water freezes and then thaws in the warmer months. This causes concrete sidewalks and patios to expand and crack. The sealant acts as a barrier to stop the internal destruction of the concrete.

Restore Cracks in Old Concrete

If your floors, patios, or sidewalks are in need of some concrete care, then a sealant will help. When cracks occur, you have two options. If the cracks are minor, a sealant fills in the small spaces to smooth out the concrete. Severe damage, however, may require complete removal of the concrete. In this case, pouring new concrete and adding a sealant keep cracks from occurring again. At Reitano Concrete Ltd., we assess concrete cracks to make sure that we choose the safest and most cost-effective option.

Strengthen the Concrete

Sealant gives strength to your concrete by filling in the small gaps between the aggregate and a cement paste. Without this strength, concrete could collapse from trapped moisture. Mould and mildew growth from stagnant water also weakens the concrete, which will eventually break down the structure of the cement.

Increase the Life of Your Floors

With proper concrete maintenance, your concrete floors and patios could last a lifetime or longer. However, the concrete needs to remain dry inside, and the only way to do this is by adding a protective sealant.

Make Maintenance Easier

Maintaining your concrete is made easier when a sealant keeps your concrete from sinking and cracking. You will be able to wipe away debris and dirt when it's smooth and level. Plus, if you plan on painting, adding a concrete finish, or placing stones on the top of your concrete, it needs to be strong, crack-free, and contain no water inside.

Get Professional Concrete Sealing and Maintenance in Ottawa

Trying to do all the concrete sealing and maintenance in Ottawa yourself can lead to major mistakes that could cost you extra money and a ruined concrete floor or patio. At Reitano Concrete Ltd, we evaluate your current concrete to understand the damage and how to properly repair or replace it. You can also use our services to remove concrete and even inspect concrete on your foundation to prevent serious damage to your home. Get started by contacting us today for a free quote.


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